Website COVID-19 Response/Update


Pastor Nathan and your Board of Trustees have decided that it is the prudent and the wise course of action to follow the advice and guidelines of the BC Provincial Health Director & Health Minister in regard to public gatherings. Rosedale Community Church of God formal services will therefore continue to be suspended until further notice.  This Website &/or our Church Facebook page will be the “go to” places for the most current & up to date information with regard to what is happening with our Church Administration and future events/services.

Your Pastor will continue to do his job and to be available for counseling, prayer and church family concerns/issues, although for his & all of our health protection, this process will not be of a routine “face to face” nature, but rather via electronic means, i.e. telephone, email. Prayer concerns can also continue to be addressed via the Prayer Chain (Elda Hewitt), Pastor Nathan directly, the Ladies Oasis Facebook Page and through any person on the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Council. Also, since we cannot gather together right now, we are all technically “shut-ins” let’s creatively stay connected with eachother (how about a phone call to just chat?)

The Pastor, the Board & Leadership Council continue to be in prayer for and are working toward the most efficient, timely & best solutions to provide online streaming/video services for our Church asap and we ask you to also be in prayer with & for us at this challenging time that we also view as a time of opportunity for us all to learn and absorb what God has in store for us. We believe this can be a time to grow & mature further in our faith and to step out in positive ways as God’s people who know and realize that, although this virus is something that may have caught us & the world by surprise, it did not catch God by surprise and we need not live in fear and apprehension.

With regard to giving/tithing options that are available we wish to thank you so much for your continued support and in realizing that this is a very crucial part of our financial needs.  The website details how you can give electronically online, etc., and for those who use cheques/cash we will be setting up a system, further details to follow, whereby you will be able to still give/contribute in that manner.

In this season of uncertainty we would like to remind you that this is also the season of Lent and a time of focus leading up to the celebration of our Risen Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Corrie Ten Boom (WWII holocaust & concentration camp survivor) said “If you look at the world, you will be distressed. If you look within, you will be depressed. If you look at God, you will be at rest.

Scripture verse. Matt 11-28, 29  Jesus said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Take heart & may God Bless you all.  With Love, Pastor Nathan, your Board of Trustees & Leadership Council.