Rosedale Community Church of God is hosting a Sunday outdoor worship service with a drive-in option. Join us this Sunday May 9th, 2021 at 10:30AM. Worship is held at Rosedale Traditional Community School in the soccer field behind the school.  No seating is provided so please bring your own lawn chairs, and umbrellas!  Under the Variance for outdoor worship services, we are allowed to have up to 50 people attend an outdoor service in addition, we are also allowed 50 vehicles (vehicles must have the same family unit). Under the COVID guidelines for outdoor religious services, “people who attend in a vehicle must remain in the vehicle”


1 – Sign Up (details below)

2 – Come to Rosedale Traditional Community School Parking-lot (behind the school) for 10:30AM.

3 – Tune in to 88.9FM on your radio and listen from your Car!

COVID guidelines for outdoor worship services will need to be followed.  Read more about them here: Click here for more details
We are limited to 50 participants plus 15 vehicles. All participants must pre-register by calling or texting Nathan at: 604 845 8181 or by emailing In your email or text, please include the names of people from your household will be joining us and if you plan to be in your vehicle or outdoors.

Here are a few notes:

  • The service will happen Rain or Shine (so come prepared with an umbrella)
  • The Service will be short (30 minutes) and will start at 10:30am sharp.
  • There will be no bathrooms open but we will have hand sanitizer available.
  • We must follow COVID guidelines for outdoor religious services. CLICK HERE
  • We are limited to 50 participants. All participants must pre-register by calling or texting Nathan at: 604 845 8181 or emailing
  • Face-coverings are required as outlined in the COVID guidelines for outdoor religious services
  • Participants must complete a health check before attending: HEALTH CHECK
  • Anyone who has not passed a health check must not attend a worship service
  • Participants must maintain a distance of two metres from other participants, unless they live in the same private residence.
  • Participants are not to sing other than the worship leader
  • If you are in a “high risk” category you should be aware of the risks associated with COVID-19 and are cautioned about attending in-person services.

 a person 70 years of age or older, even if they have been immunized against COVID-19;a person who is living with another person who is infected with COVID-19, or who has upper respiratory or influenza-like symptoms;a person with an underlying medical condition or a compromised immune system.WE would also like to remind everyone that under the provincial variance for outdoor Worship services, attendees are discouraged from social gathering and conversing before and after our service while on the school grounds.  Thank you for understanding!

Also a reminder that Pastor Nathan will continue to record a Sunday Message on YouTube.  Sunday’s message and all previous Sunday messages can be found on our youtube channel:

RCCOG Youtube Channel

God Bless and we hope to see many of you soon!